How We Provide Freebies

How Does It Work?
Along with the question of whether or not it is spam, how does it work is probably one of the first questions you ask.

This is a simple question and answer, as we are building a list that is ever-growing of legitimate freebie offers on our website.

Concept here is simple. There are thousands of companies in the UK, and across the globe, that are giving away free samples of products that they offer as a form of marketing strategy. Giving away these products via the internet will give exposure to their business and it attracts interest. They will see it as people that try their products will be much more likely to buy that product in the future.

This comes to your advantage, as it means that you are able to try products that you may not normally go for. You will then be able to decide if it will be something that you want or not. The real benefit here will be you getting it for free.

It is easy to get started, and all you have to do is follow along with these three steps:

1. Look through our website and find any freebie(s) you want, clicking on the GET FREEBIE button.
2. You get directed to the website that has the offer, and you just fill in the details that it requires.
3. Sit back and then wait for the freebie to come. There are times when you may need to print a voucher, where all you have to do is take it to the store. In these cases, the details will either be given on the site or in an email.

You need to remain patient for the items. As you could imagine, these companies may have thousands of requests each week, or every day, looking for their freebies.

Many companies will give out free products from the best brands. You will see everything from baby items and makeup to household goods and food samples. The list will change daily, so pop back on a regular basis to see what new items have been released.

Sites We Like
We just love finding freebies, and getting you the best voucher deals in the UK. So below is a list of our favourite freebie, voucher and money saving websites.

Money Saving Expert – Founded by Martin Lewis, the site is now over 20 years old, and I have been using it for years for money tips, one of the most well known sites among us frugals.

MyVoucherCodes – This is another huge site, I use it for family and friends birthdays, Christmas and always find the voucher I need to save money.

AllFreeStuff – The site is a gem, it inspired me to start my free stuff site, they update it daily with up to 12 freebies, and have a fantastic newsletter that comes out.