Freebie Friday: freebies to improve your social life

Freebies from Uber, English Heritage, Card Market, Yogaia as well as Bespoke Offers

It’s the season of year when we retreat into our homes and put our social life on hold while we recover from a lavish summer. However, it doesn’t have to be necessarily that way. You can appreciate the Indian Summer with a handful bunch of extraordinary freebies that will assist get out and about for nothing.

Free days out

This weekend is Heritage Open Days Weekend. You can get free access to several iconic structures around the UK, and some special occasions as well. You can get stuck into archeological excavations at Oxford, a quiet disco on Hastings Pier, and/ or take a visit anyplace from The National Theater in London to Amberley Castle. The details are provided on the website.

Free greetings card

If you are on O2, there’s a Priority Moments arrangement running until 13 September, enabling you to get a free card (up to an estimation of £1.99) from Card Market. It’s an extraordinary reason to contact another associated loner, and arrange to go out.

Free taxi ride

Uber is putting forth a £15 taxi ride for free. With free stuff destinations. We have realized that in the event that you fill in your details (which will incorporate your credit card) and enter the code LFSUBER you’ll get the free credit. They warn that it is worth doing this sooner rather and later, before the deal runs out.

Free M&S voucher

If your closet needs a boost before you go out, you can get your hands on an M&S voucher for free. Bespoke Offers, a shopping service from Barclaycard, is urging individuals to try it, a £10 M&S voucher. In case you need to purchase something on the web, you simply copy the website page link of the item you need, paste it into the search bar on the Bespoke Offers Beat My Price page, and give them 48 hours to locate a better price. If you purchase through the website, they will credit you with the M&S voucher. It is not an awful approach to get something for less – with a freebie on the side.

Free Yoga

If that it is your body that could do with a touch of work before you gain confidence to face the outdoors, Latest Free Stuff has tracked down free live online yoga classes. When you sign up you’ll get seven days of online classes of yoga, pilates, core and barre classes for absolutely nothing at all. You can see the teacher, and if you need to utilize your webcam they can see you and correct your posture – but you don’t need to pick this option. The classes normally cost £9.99 a month, so they’re trusting you’ll continue going when the freebie runs out, however there’s no commitment.

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