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It is hard to believe but it’s true, you can find just about anything at and gain it for free. The people you see online reviewing different stuff they receive that stuff for free from different companies. That person can be you if you’d like. Read on to find out how.

Let’s get the answer to the first question that comes to mind when we see someone reviewing some freebie product; what was in it for the sender? The business selling stuff through amazon for example, can do extremely well if they have lots of detailed reviews regarding their product. The more information buyer can get about a particular product the more are the chances for the product to do well in the market.

So here you go, with so much competition around the sellers are more than ever willing to give away their free product sample just to get the word out.

You have two options to bag stuff for free; either, become a Vine member, that’s kind of hard as you need an already built up reputation to get the membership.

Or there is a simpler way. There is a service known as Tomoson. It helps sellers to look for people who can provide their product with a review and the sellers are willing to send such people a free sample against a review. All you have to do is sign up with Tomoson and get yourself a blog and yeah connect your social media accounts with theirs. That is all.

While you can find other such websites that offer reviews for products at amazon, you get the idea the whole game revolves around right?

So best of luck with reviewing and enter the new world of free stuff UK.

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